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Who to draft: Super Sleepers

You should consider using one of your last picks on one of these seven players with upside. Profiled players include John Skelton, Taiwan Jones, Jason Snelling, Eddie Royal, and Emmanuel Sanders.

Who do you take with that last or second-to-last draft pick? Do you simply wait to grab your kicker? I suggest thinking about your draft as a short-term effort for long-term results. We all get wrapped up in the hype of draft day shuffles, picking order, etc. This year, spend the time doing your homework and prepare for each round of your draft and consider all potential outcomes. What if you do not get your anticipated running back pick and then you fail to get the QB you were eyeing and waiting for? Just adjust your strategy, trust your instincts and research and keep moving your draft through the order. When you get into late rounds they can be just as important, if not more important than early rounds. Think about which players have recently changed teams, lost face with fantasy owners or just seem to stick with you season after season. I think your last round or two should be spent on taking some calculated risks. Here are some Longshots to draft in late rounds.


Skelton and Kevin Kolb are locked in competition for Arizona's starting gig. Kolb was just injured and Skelton looked good. I have read a few reports stating that Skelton might win the starting job. One thing we know about Arizona's offense is that they will put the ball in the air. This can be a huge upside for the starting quaterback fantasy-wise, if he is on his game. It appears that the energy and ability that Skelton brings to the team are beginning to show. I think we are likely to see Skelton at the start of the season. If not then, we will see him as soon as it appears he is needed to mix things up. If he makes this entrance, he will probably steal the show from that point forward. Skelton's numbers were not excellent last season, but he was called in late and did the best possible. If you are in need of a back-up QB and Skelton lingers in your draft to the late late rounds, pick him up.

John Skelton was drafted in 9% of MyFantasyLeague.com leagues with an average drafting position of 283.64


Taiwan Jones is sitting in a nice spot with the exit of Michael Bush. Darren McFadden is injury prone and Jones could find himself in a starting role soon. Jones is undersized, but packs super-sized speed. He will likely find himself in a change-of-pace role in the running back rotation to start the season. However, as things progress, Jones might just be the speedy back that makes a difference in Oakland. If you draft McFadden then Jones is likely his number one handcuff. If you do not take a chance on McFadden, grab Jones late in your draft as a super sleeper option to deploy later in the season.

Taiwan Jones was drafted in 40% of MyFantasyLeague.com leagues with an average drafting position of 197.73


We are all hearing the hype about Jacquizz Rodgers and the injury potential to Michael Turner. Based upon the depth chart and reports, Rodgers will get first crack at the starting gig if Turner is for some reason sidelined. However, Snelling has filled in in the past and been productive. Snelling's role has decreased (and so has his fanatsy production) over the past few seasons, but all-in-all, he could be one heck of a late round steal if Turner goes out and Rodgers does not perform well (or is injured himself). Snelling should be there in just about every draft in the late rounds. He will likely be a guy owners watch on the waivers, but I might give him a serious look in the last round.

Jason Snelling was drafted in 10% of MyFantasyLeague.com leagues with an average drafting position of 259.79


In recent years Eddie Royal has completly fallen off the radar. He is officially listed as WR #4 for San Diego. Royal is going to have to kick it into high gear to compete with his teammates for starting time, but he has shown sparks of brillance over the years. Rivers will be throwing the ball and he likes to air it out. Royal might be just the wide out for this offense. Royal has great hands and route running ability. If there are injuries or productivity of others becomes an issue, Royal could fill-in and perform very well. Royal should be hanging around late in drafts and he could be a longshot if you get him right.

Eddie Royal was drafted in 32% of MyFantasyLeague.com leagues with an average drafting position of 211.27


Sanders is injury prone, but he also has some upsides. Sanders will be the primary kick-punt returner this season and might slot into the #3 WR role. Sanders appeared on this list last season and was not much of a factor in Pittsburgh's offense, except for a few average outings. This season, I think Sanders has another year of experience under his belt and will be utilized to a greater extent in passing plays. I think Sanders will be hanging out there in late draft rounds waiting for the right fantasy owners to take a chance on him. I would take the shot if he is around in my last round. I believe he will surprsie this season and make an impact priming himself for the 2013 season and a starting role.

Emmanuel Sanders was drafted in 60% of MyFantasyLeague.com leagues with an average drafting position of 177.59