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2012 CFL Fantasy Football Rankings: WR

Wide Receiver Rankings

Since the CFL passes more often than the NFL and most teams start 4 WRs, there are plenty of very productive receivers. Contrary to running backs (which change much more frequently), elite receivers can often find themselves having long careers. So most of the top receivers year to year are familiar names. That doesn't mean that new players can't step up and take on bigger roles, it just tends to happen less often and over longer periods of time. Regardless, pay close attention to injuries and who claims the 3rd and 4th receiving options on most teams to see who might be that diamond in the rough.

  1. Jamal Richardson – Montreal Alouettes
    Richardson was the best receiver in the CFL last year and it wasn't even close. He led the league in the three major categories, setting career highs in two of those -- receptions (117), yards (1,777) -- while scoring 11 touchdowns. No reason to think Richardson can't come close to hitting all those marks again. Easily #1 WR.
  2. Geroy Simon – BC Lions
    Last season was Simon's 9th straight season of at least 1,190 yards, 72 receptions and 6 touchdowns. Just amazing consistency. Had it not been for Richardson's out of this world season, more people would have noticed that Simon was putting up a great year as well. Expect much of the same from Geroy.
  3. Nick Lewis – Calgary Stampeders
    Since entering the CFL, Lewis has been a model of consistency, catching at least 67 passes and at least 1,000 yards receiving in each of his eight seasons. Last year was no different as he was a beast again catching 93 passes for 1,209 yards and 5 touchdowns. Look for similar numbers again this year.
  4. Andy Fantuz – Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    Fantuz was the big free agent prize of 2012 and Hamilton made a big splash by signing him. Look for him and Burris to get clicking early on in the season and for Fantuz to go back to being one of the top receivers in the CFL
  5. SJ Green – Montreal Alouettes
    With Ben Cahoon gone, Green stepped into the role of # 2 receiver on the Als. He set career highs in receptions (87) and yards (1,147), but saw his touchdowns go from 10 in 2010 to 4 in 2011. Look for those numbers to go up. Green is a top 7 receiver.
  6. Terrence Edwards – Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    Edwards has been the man in Winnipeg since joining the team in 2007. Look for that to continue this season as he is once again the go to guy in the Blue Bomber offense.
  7. Chris Getzlaf – Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Since joining the CFL, Getzlaf has continued to improve year after year; 2011 was his breakout season, setting career highs across the board -- 60 receptions for 1,071 yards and 10 touchdowns. Look for much of the same this season.
  8. Arland Bruce – BC Lions
    As is often the case, Arland Bruce wears out his welcome in one town only to go to another and help make them better. This time he went from Hamilton to help lead the BC Lions to a Grey Cup Victory. With most of the same pieces in place in BC, look for another solid season from Bruce.
  9. Jason Barnes – Toronto Argonauts
    Barnes had his best season in 2011 -- 50 receptions for 869 yards and 7 touchdowns. Reunited with Ricky Ray in Toronto look for much of the same, as he becomes the go to guy now that he is away from Fred Stamps.
  10. Weston Dressler – Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Dressler has been one of the more consistent receivers in the league and that shouldn't change. Look for another season of 75+ receptions for over 1000 yards and at least 5 touchdowns.
  11. Fred Stamps – Edmonton Eskimos
    Once again Fred Stamps was one of the best receivers in the CFL. While the talent is still there, expect a drop in numbers without Ricky Ray.
  12. Chris Williams – Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    Williams had an amazing rookie season catching 70 passes for 1,064 yards and 6 touchdowns. Williams was explosive and exciting and Hamilton is hoping for similar numbers, using Williams as the big play guy in their offense.
  13. Adarius Bowman – Edmonton Eskimos
    Bowman set career highs last season in receptions (62) and yards (1,153) while scoring 4 touchdowns. I wouldn't expect the same numbers this season without Ricky Ray.
  14. Shawn Gore – BC Lions
    2011 was Gore's first season as a contributor on offense, and he showed why BC has such high hopes for him. He caught 60 passes for 836 yards and a touchdown. Look for similar numbers with a few extra touchdowns.
  15. Efrem Hill – Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Hill had a very good season in his first year in Saskatchewan, look for him to improve on that in year two.
  16. Johnny Forzani – Calgary Stampeders
    A second generation CFLer, Forzani had a very solid year last season as he became part of the offense, catching 45 passes for 761 yards and 5 touchdowns as the big play receiver in the Stamps offense.
  17. Romby Bryant – Calgary Stampeders
    Bryant is listed as probably #4 on the receiver depth chart in Calgary; that doesn't stop him from putting up solid numbers. UPDATE: With Rambo gone, Bryant moves up on Calgary depth chart and should be drafted higher up.
  18. Dave Stala – Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    Stala has been very productive since coming to Hamilton from Montreal. Last season was no different as he set career high in touchdown catches with 8. Stala has great hands and will always be a good security blanket for the QB, but with Fantuz and Giguere brought to town, look for his opportunities to drop slightly.
  19. Sam Giguere – Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    After a few seasons of trying to crack an NFL roster, Giguere has come back to Canada to try and make a name for himself in the CFL. He will be given every opportunity to do just that.
  20. Maurice Mann – Toronto Argonauts
    Looking for help at receiver, the Argos brought in Mann late last season. Mann had his best seasons in Edmonton playing with Ricky Ray. Look for a bounce back season now that he is back playing with Ray. He could be a sleeper.
  21. Chad Owens – Toronto Argonauts
    Owens is such a playmaker that the Argos decided to make him a bigger part of the passing game last year. Look for the Argos to continue to try and find ways to get the ball into Owens' hands.
  22. Akeem Foster – BC Lions
    Foster was the BC Lions' big play receiver. He only caught 33 passes, but gained 593 and scored 6 touchdowns, that's about 1 touchdown every 5 receptions. Look for his receptions and yards to improve this season.
  23. Corey Watson – Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    Solid year last year, look for much of the same.
  24. Efrem Hill – Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Hill had a very good season in his first year in Saskatchewan, look for him to improve on that in year two.
  25. Clarence Denmark – Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    Denmark had a breakout season in 2012, catching 65 receptions for 818 yards and 5 touchdowns. Look for that to improve this season.
  26. Brian Bratton – Montreal Alouettes
    Playing for the best offense in the CFL helps, as does playing with the best QB. Problem for Bratton is he has never been more than a 4th option. Still he should put up decent numbers, something like 50 catches, 550 yards and 5 touchdowns
  27. Bakari Grant – Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    Grant had a solid rookie season and we would have expected more from him in year 2, but with the additions of Fantuz and Giguere, there might not be enough balls to go around.
  28. Ken Yon Rambo – ?
    Rambo has been another one of the big play Calgary receivers and no reason to think that won't continue this season. UPDATE: Rambo has an Achilles injury and will be released from Ken Yon Rambo. The Argos are taking a look at Rambo. if they do pick him he could be worth a spot on your roster. Follow this situation.
  29. Sinorice Moss – Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Moss was brought in from the NFL. If he can stay healthy (big if) and make the roster, he could be a sleeper.
Fantasy football projections based on the following scoring system:
Pass Yards: 25/1pt, Pass TD: 4pts, Pass INT: -1pt,
Rush/Rec Yards: 10/1pt, Rush/Rec TD: 6pts