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Top 10 Infielders Sleepers

Mike Moustakas, 3B, Kansas City Royals
The truth is, third base is still a top heavy position but there are still some gems to be found in later rounds. One to target is Moustakas, a second-year contact hitter. Fantasy owners will likely need to wait an additional year for his power numbers to blossom to their full potential, but he's already a good, but not great hitter who would benefit from developing more patience at the plate. He's only 23 years old so as previously mentioned, 2012 could be another developmental year. The progression fans should be looking for is a jump in his doubles and home runs. Once he starts driving the ball more consistently, he could sneak into the Top 10 of his position.

Emilio Bonifacio, SS, Miami Marlins
Due to an increased propensity to keep his bat on his shoulder on bad pitches, Bonifacio drew more walks and subsequently was able to better utilize his best talent: speed. Bonifacio could certainly steal at least 40 bags this year while approaching a .300 batting average. Some may chalk it up to a fluke season, yet as long as you're not reaching for him in the draft, it shouldn't be an issue. Given he qualifies at multiple positions, that versatility only adds to his value. Just remember that he won't produce much of anything in terms of power.

Yunel Escobar, SS, Toronto Blue Jays
For some players, they're not able to stay healthy from year to year. They have the tools and talent but lack the opportunity due to a nagging this or a surgically prepared that. Escobar is a classic example of an injury prone player. He gets on base at a nice rate (.369 in 2011) and managed a solid and compelling 11 home runs. He hit for .290 average too. Even with the bonus factor of moving to a more favorable hitters' park in Toronto, Escobar still met with the injury bug on occasion. For a No. 2 SS on your squad, you could do a lot worse, but that's also assuming Escobar will be on the field when you need him.

Ryan Doumit, C, Minnesota Twins
Doumit may not be anywhere near the best catcher out there, he will have plenty of opportunities to play. Not only is the DH spot open for him, he's playing behind Joe Mauer at catcher and Justin Mourneau. This is the logic behind most analysts choosing him as a sleeper. Remember, most catches take a bunch of days off and they're notoriously inconsistent. If Doumit is able to play most of his games at other positions, it only gives him more chances to put up numbers for your team. He's not worth more than a late-round flier though which is why he fits the bill as a sleeper.

Devin Mesoraco, C, Cincinnati Reds
Yes, it is true that Mesoraco still needs to secure the Reds' starting spot behind the plate. It should also be noted that they're giving him a shot for good reason. He's currently in competition with Ryan Hanigan, who isn't too shabby really. The Reds can't afford to wait around so if Hanigan is the safer play, selecting Mesoraco would be a waste of a roster spot. What you'd be drafting is a young prospect who could one day put together a 30-HR season. Expect some promising hot streaks and some patience-testing cold streaks. That big power production is a stretch of the imagination for now.