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Ask Max FAQ

Why should I download MAX? When you AskMAX for a lineup, it returns the best possible lineup based on the projections you bring it. The more accurate the projections the better your lineup will be.

What is $ per Point? - Salary per Point is the most important Key Performance Indicator there is in daily and weekly fantasy sports. This number indicates how much of your salary you're being charged for each fantasy point the player is expected to produce. The first thing most players will do each Tuesday morning is open up MAX and sort by this metric. The lower the number the better the value.

How long does MAX take to find the best lineup? Ask Max returns results instantly and continually searches for higher and higher projected lineups from the millions of possible combinations. A human being cannot possibly perform this task, but Max can.

How much does this cost me? Nothing. Max is being offered as a FREE Download to a limited number of beta testers in 2013.

What does it look like? We thought you'd never ask. Meet Max.