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Ask Max Summary

Ask MAX was designed by The Perduco Group in partnership with our team of fantasy players here at FFToolbox to benefit those who play in the DraftKings Daily and Weekly contests. It's designed for one reason and one reason only: To help you MAXimize your profits when playing at

If you're new to Draftkings, make sure you use the MAX referral code for a 100% Deposit Bonus and a Free Qualifier Ticket where you can win entry into the Week 16 Millionaire Contest.

We are offering this application FREE to a limited group of Beta testers. If you're interested in becoming an AskMAX Beta Tester, please visit our Forums HERE.

About AskMAX 1.0

AskMAX brings the two worlds of FFToolbox and Draftkings together into one. Each week, it pulls in the DraftKings Weekly Salaries for each player. Then it pulls in the FFToolbox Weekly Projections for each player.

This release Includes...

  • MAXimum Lineup Creator - In seconds, MAX returns the highest performing lineup based on a set of Weekly projections.
  • Real-Time Projections - The Award winning weekly projections from are automatically provided for your baseline.
  • Fully Customizable - Optionally, Input and Customize Projected Points for ANY player.
  • Advanced Feature: BLACKLIST - Blacklist and Remove Feature, so Max doesn't include them in your weekly lineup.
  • Advanced Feature: "MY GUYS" - Select any amount of MUST HAVE players for your lineup and let Max do the rest.
  • Advanced Feature: VALUE KPI - View/Sort each player by the Key Performance Indicator - Salary $ per Projected Fantasy Point.
  • Advanced Feature: SAVE MAX - Save your favorite lineups and projections anytime you want for future reference.

MAXimize your LINEUP and MAXimize your PROFITS with AskMAX 1.0.